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Filthy Look Apparel

2015 brings the launch of a new streetwear brand, FIlthy Look Apparel.  

With a small, dedicated team we have built all media elements to launch the brand and online store.  Casting was key in putting together the right people to get in front of the camera and set the tone.  Annette Melton was cast as the face of the brand and brought a wealth of experience to the project.  Caitlin Amiko, Lukas Whiting and Ellie Rose Giddings were also cast as main players to launch the brand.

A Huge thanks right of the bat goes to the legendary Ben Harris and Pix On Location for supporting this production with equipment and unit vehicles. Pix Studios are the premium studio facilities in Sydney and they take any production to the highest level it can be. 

You may also recognise some familiar faces in Jess Franklin and Giovanna Suppa.  We worked with them for the Gate417 campaign and invited them back for a shoot in the Filthy Look Apparel.  They have such an effortless natural talent and reality that they bring to the shoots and it was great to work with them once again.

The amazingly talented Sarah Lim was kind enough to come on board as Stylist. She put together all the outfits and accessories in record time and it really lifted the whole shoot to a new level of style.  She has a great blog called Denim & Dumplings you should check it out!  Lisa Mangion did hair and makeup for the location shoots as well as the studio look book and nailed it everytime.

Photography was done by Mick Jones and Joe Florian of Mad Media, who has been instrumental in the branding of Filthy Look Apparel. Joe brings a laid back, smart and irreverent vibe to the whole production and everyone loves working with him.  A man of many talents.

Video content produced & directed by Linda Ung and Simon Koloadin really captured a great mood to set the tone for the brand.  A huge thank you goes out to all the crew including Greg Refeld, Sarah Estela, Tanami Nayler and Evan Pickering for bringing your talents to this production.